Welcome to the next level of grooming! Your friends at the Royal Status Grooming Studio have partnered with B with the Beard (the beard connoisseur) to bring you grooming tips. In these videos, we will provide information regarding ways to improve your daily regimen to enhance your overall presentation and health.

Here is one of many videos to come. Of course, B with the beard wants to start with beard grooming. Check out the video and let us know what you think. Email us any comments, questions, or requests for additional tips at info@royalstatus.biz – We look forward to hearing from you!

Beards are a “trademark” for a lot of men. However, there is a fine line between well groomed and looking homeless. Proper grooming is monumental when it comes to the presentation of a beard. Loose hairs must be trimmed and the lip and lower neck line must be clean. Not to mention, the fact that a beard is much like a suit. The shape of the beard must compliment the shape of the person wearing it. That is the difference between “off the rack” and a “fine well tailored” suit.

We are here to provide quality strategies and vital information regarding all areas of grooming. Here are some of the products and techniques we have found over our combined 30 plus years of experience. Enjoy!

Marc Ford, Professional Groomer, Co-Owner of Royal Status Grooming Studio


Written by Marc Ford